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Welcome to PDME
Our Mission:

PDME is dedicated to providing superior customer support while offering leading edge office and industrial product solutions for our customers. Our commitment to the best customer experience comes through in every customer interaction we have. Our people, experience, and technology allow us to serve public and private institutions of all sizes. We offer long term superior value because our goal is to help you succeed.

Our History:

Based in Texas, PDME is a full service industrial and office supply company offering a full range of industrial and construction supplies, MRO, office and technology products, janitorial and cleaning products, as well as break room supplies to businesses across the country. Our award winning team has been a dedicated leader in delivering business-to-business procurement solutions since our inception and our goal is simple: we help our customers get the job done.

PDME serves local, regional, and national markets and is committed to providing quality products and services to our clients when they need them. PDME is a certified minority owned company that delivers value added business solutions to companies that strive to meet their Tier One and Tier Two supplier diversity goals.

Do you like to save money and space? Whether you purchase cleaning products for your workplace or manage a facilities team that uses cleaning or odor control products PDME can help you do both. We can help you install chemical mixing stations that are safer, less expensive, reliable and take up less space. We can help you with a wall mounted “closed loop” mixing station that automatically mixes the correct amount of concentrate with water without ever having to measure and is completely hands free. The accurate dilution process means you never have the wrong ratio. Plus your concentrate will be safely locked inside the mixing station eliminating shrink. One small 2 liter bottle can produce 136 ready to use quarts of glass cleaner, degreaser, disinfectants, and deodorizers all at pennies per quart.

Let PDME, Inc talk to you about creating a safer more productive facilities plan while saving you time and money. We can also provide labels, OSHA wall charts, and all other required aspects of your new mixing station. We’ll even install it for you. Several of these products even meet the Green Seal™ standard for industrial and institutional cleaners. And you don’t have to own a huge factory to save money on this system. Smaller customers can take advantage of the handheld mixing unit that hooks up to a water hose and the concentrate. This handheld system also perfectly dilutes the solution with no math and no measuring. Ask us how you can get started and we’ll come give you a demo.

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